Since I can remember, art has always played an important part in my life and this was reflected in my parent’s decision to send me to Northampton High School to be taught by renowned local and international artist Christopher Fiddes. However, he unfortunately left before I was to reach secondary school. Whilst my passion for art has always remained even after leaving school, it took another 10 years and a move to the south of France to truly inspire me to pick up my paintbrush once again and begin to paint the countryside. I found the best way of exploring the area was on my bike and I spent many hundreds of kilometres cycling around looking for scenic landscapes.

The biggest surprise from my time spent in France was my love of cycling and I was a regular participant on the cyclosportive circuit, as well as watching the professionals in the big tours. I was struck by the spectacle and drama of races. My love of cycling encouraged me to paint a series of pieces inspired by the Tour de France and other grand tours. These paintings not only show the drama of the racing but also focus on the relationships between the riders.

In 2011, I stumbled by chance upon a website which listed a number of paintings by Christopher Fiddes. I wondered whether this could be the same Christopher Fiddes who I had narrowly missed out on being taught by when I was at school? I contacted him and to my surprise and good fortune he has become my mentor, helping me to develop my style and technique. My current work has consequently become bolder and more dramatic. My style now, is heavily influenced by cubism, futurism and all things art deco.

I have now sold paintings not only in the UK, but in Europe and the USA. I have had my work exhibited in galleries within the UK, as well as appearing in a book dedicated to cycling art.